Mythical Creatures

Since the dawn of humankind, people have believed that there were other beings outside of what they could easily see in their everyday lives. They turned their eyes towards the heavens and the earth around them, yearning to understand what was out there. Over thousands of years, these beings and beasts took many different names and forms in different societies and cultures.

In Ancient Egypt, people spoke of a being that had the head of a human and the body of a lion. In Scandinavia, people told tales of giant serpents and wolf like creatures, with gods who controlled lightning, thunder, and fire. And many civilizations, from the Irish, to the Germanic, to the Polynesians, and to the Native Americans, have believed in various sorts of little people that have often been described as mischievous, playful and magic.

Below is a list of a number of amazing, mystical and magical creatures that you can find on our site. If you would love to see one that isn't here, just leave us a comment in the section below. We hope you enjoy our collection, and that your travels bring you peace, happiness, and good fortune.

List of Monsters & Creatures

  • Alfar - Elves from Norse Mythology. There were two kinds of Alfar - light Alfar and dark Alfar. The light elves lived in a place called Alfheim, an ethereal place that lied between the realms of Heaven and Earth. The dark elves lived deep underground.
  • Banshee - A ghostly spirit from Celtic folklore that wails and moans loudly. When it appears, it means that someone was dying or going to die.
  • Bigfoot - Large, humanoid creatures that are believed to roam western North America and the Great Lakes regions.
  • Changeling - Offspring of fairies, ogres or other creatures that have been switched with human babies and resemble the human babies in sound and appearance.
  • Chupacabra - A mangy or scaly wolf-like creature that reportedly drains the blood from livestock and other animals.
  • Dragon - Huge reptilian beasts that are like brontosauruses with wings and can breathe out smoke and fire.
  • Fairy - Magical, flying creatures that resemble humans with wings.
  • Frankenstein - A monster made of stitched together body parts, imagined by Mary Shelley in 1818.
  • Ghost - Spirits of the dead who periodically appear to the living, often in a mist or a haze.
  • Gnome - Gnomes are a type of little people that are often found in forests or gardens. Like pixies, they wear pointed hats, but are usually not described as being quite as mischievous and playful.
  • Goblin - Small, green or grey mischievous creatures that are stealthy. They are often troublesome or even evil.
  • Griffin - A creature from ancient Greek mythology that had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. In some stories, they pulled the chariots of the god Apollo and goddess Nemesis.
  • Headless Horseman - A headless, demonic monster that carries a skull or a pumpkin in its hand while it searches for other heads or souls.
  • Jack Frost - A mischievous elf-like being who brings winter and frost in his wake.
  • Jersey Devil - The supposedly cursed 13th child of Mother Leeds that roams the area around southeastern New Jersey.
  • Kitsune - A kitsune is a fox or fox-spirit in Japanese folklore that can shape-shift into various things including a human.
  • Kraken - A gigantic sea monster that resembles an octopus or squid and was once believed to devour entire ships.
  • Leprechaun - Mischievous little people that live in Ireland and are believed to have magical abilities. They are also believed to have gold and riches.
  • Medusa - Medusa was a famous monster in Greek mythology who had snakes for hair. If a person looked directly at her, they would turn to stone.
  • Mermaid - Mermaids are a famous type of sea-people who are said to have a long fin instead of legs and live deep in the sea. These creatures have been discussed at least since ancient mythological times, and often appear in popular culture today.
  • Mothman - A human-like being that is said to have glowing eyes and wings and often appears before disasters.
  • Ogre - Large, hideous beasts that are said to eat anything from goats and cats to people.
  • Oni - Creatures in Japanese folklore that have horns and can be one of a variety of colors.
  • Pegasus - Pegasus was a single being in Greek Mythology, and is famous for being a horse with wings that can fly. Pegasus came from the remains of Medusa, after Perseus had killed her.
  • Phoenix - The phoenix is a bird whose origins come from Egyptian mythology. It originally symbolized the rising and setting Sun, and is now known for rising up out of its ashes after it dies.
  • Pixie - Small, fairy-like creatures that can be joyful or mischievous, and originate from southwest England.
  • Skunk Ape - Large ape-like cryptids that have been reported in swampy regions of Florida.
  • Werewolf - A person that has transformed into a half-human / half-wolf, often during a full moon.
  • Witch - An individual that attempts to establish a connection to the spiritual or supernatural worlds using spells and potions, often to accomplish an objective.
  • Vampire - A monster that lives for centuries, closely resembles a human, and drinks human blood.
  • Zombie - An undead, rotting corpse that has become animated by unnatural means, and feeds on the living.